10 Ways to Keep Your Manufacturing Plant Safe: Floor Coatings & More

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Manufacturing plants can be susceptible to many types of accidents. Everyone is responsible for keeping the workplace safe, whether you’re an owner or you’ve just started with the company. It’s important that all employees not only brush up on safety regulations but regularly help to enforce them. Listed below you’ll find ways to assess your risks and keep everything running smoothly.

  1. Employees need to wear all required safety gear, glasses and clothing while at their designated work stations.
  2. Fully-stocked first aid kits should be within reach. Make sure your employees know where these are kept.
  3. Updated floor coatings, whether non skid, epoxy or urethane coatings, offer many safety benefits. Whether you’d like your floors to reflect more light for visibility or prevent slips and falls, coatings can help keep everyone safer.
  4. When not in use, tools should be cleaned and then stored in the proper location.
  5. Any running equipment or machinery should be shut down when not in use.
  6. Well lit and well ventilated work areas are a must for not only safety but productivity.
  7. Repainting safety striping so that people aren’t in the way of forklifts or other dangerous machinery would be beneficial to anyone involved in your manufacturing facility.
  8. Consider appointing a safety leader that is committed to enforcing the rules and getting everyone involved in safety regulations.
  9. Proper fireproofing techniques, whether cementitous fireproofing or intumescent coatings will protect your building from fire damage.
  10. A safety checklist for your plant and regular walk-throughs will help keep everything up to code.

If your Central or Southern California manufacturing plant needs a non skid, epoxy or urethane floor coating update, cementitious or intumescent fireproofing, even safety striping, consider using Cor-Ray Painting Company. Cor-Ray’s painting contractors are experienced with all of these services in the Santa Fe Springs, Downey, Norwalk, Los Angeles, La Miranda, Pico Rivera, and Whittier areas. Please call (562) 906-9770 or find out more about their services.

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