3 Types of Steel Coatings for Southern California Steel Structures

Thursday, January 09, 2014

From water tanks to welds, metals in industrial structures often need some sort of paint or coating. The methods required for coating steel or other metal are not necessarily the same as those for painting other surfaces. Depending on the use of your structure, there are several steel coatings that might be effective choices for guarding against corrosion. Here are some options that might work for your Southern California steel structure:

Epoxy is especially beneficial where resistance to chemicals is necessary, such as for fuel tanks. Multiple epoxy coats bind into a strong and protective layer. Epoxy binds well to a variety of steel surfaces and can also serve as a primer to support other finishes where appearance demands.

Powder coating, used widely on consumer items, is also used on steel structures, such as for railings or roofing. It is especially advantageous where not only protection but color is important, as it is not prone to fading and can be applied in a wide range of colors and sheens.

Metalizing, coating a surface with metal rathern than paint, will protect and even repair a surface while lasting much longer than paints. Sprayed molten aluminum or zinc can serve as a metallic finish to protect welds on a steel structure, or can be painted over for a color finish.

As you consider which options might fit your needs, take a look at the services offered by Cor-Ray Painting and get an estimate. Also, feel free to call (562) 906-9770 to determine the proper steel coatings for you structure. Cor-Ray is a licensed, ISO 9001:2008 certified industrial painting company based in Santa Fe Springs and serving Southern California.

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