5 Benefits of Industrial Tank Coatings in Southern California

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

All industrial tanks, no matter the material, are susceptible to small wear and tear issues that can eventually lead to debilitating problems. Fortunately, metal coating for tanks can support the weaknesses of these materials, from inner linings to exterior protective coatings. Listed are some of the many benefits of these coatings:

  • Corrosion Protection. Natural elements such as wind, temperature and humidity can react with the tank surface, causing the eventual breakdown of its surface property. Coating ensures protection from this exposure.
  • Chemical-Resistance. If you have chemical storage tanks, they could be eroding the tank lining. A coating that fits both the purpose and the tank type will prevent serious damage from occurring.
  • Leak Prevention and Repair. When liquid isn’t properly contained, it can be a messy and sometimes hazardous result. Coatings can create a safe work environment through handling leaks.
  • Crack Bridging for Concrete Tanks. Coating tanks that have cracks provides a quick fix that can at least delay the need for total tank replacement.
  • Cost-Efficiency. With the proper coating type, you will most likely have less maintenance and repair costs over the course of time.

If your tank needs maintenance, don’t wait for until the problem becomes more serious and more costly. For those in Central or Southern California, contact Cor-Ray Painting Company. Cor-Ray provides coating and secondary containment services for fuel tanks, potable and non-potable water tanks, thermal energy storage tanks, chemical storage vessels and many others. Call 562-906-9770 or click to find out more.

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