5 Great Industrial Painting and Building Colors for 2015

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cor-Ray is one of best painting contractors in Southern California. At Cor-Ray, we care not only that you get wonderful work done, but that the painting and appearance of your building look updated and relevant. To do that, let's discuss the most popular colors for 2015. If you're interested in installing a concrete floor for your industrial space, Cor-Ray is a painting company and contractor in California who specializes in keeping your building look relevant.

White and Grey

A white building with grey accents will never go out of style. It's sharp, clean and classic.




Earth tones

If you want to blend in with your surroundings, or simply provide a warm, natural atmosphere, earth tones are a great option. Earth tones look great paired together as well, and it's nearly impossible to fine a combination that doesn't work.

Blue-Green and Khaki

A blue-green color with khaki accents is a striking and very up to date combination. These colors are great to bring some interest and depth to your building without being overly flashy.

Bright Red

If you're feeling cheery or want to make a statement, consider red. Red grabs the eye in almost any environment, and is sure to make people take notice.


Two-Tone Khaki

Two tones khaki of khaki - a light and a dark - is another great choice. This duo will bring a warm, nature and simple appearance to your building.


Cor-Ray is a painting company and contractor in California that specializes in a wide variety of industrial painting work work. When considering painting contractors, there isn't a better industrial painting and coating company around If you would like to call or email Cor-Ray for more information about your next industrial contracting job, use the contact form here today.

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