5 Industrial Painting Trends for Southern California Businesses

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

It can be challenging to keep your business’ painting and decorating up-to-date without looking overwhelmingly trendy. Fortunately, some of the hottest paint colors for 2013 are not only attractive but practical. When brainstorming colors, consider some of these trends in combination with the color of your furniture and the amount of natural light, which can greatly influence working conditions.

  1. Color blocking is accomplished by separating your wall or ceiling into sections and painting them a different color from the main color. This can spruce up a drab area or highlight a special feature of your business.
  2. Shades of blue have gained popularity within recent years. Blue is a well-liked and soothing color, no matter the shade. Both your customers and your employees can appreciate the calming effect of this standard.
  3. Simple green shades create a welcoming atmosphere for customers. Green can also symbolize your prolific business: continually growing and producing for its customers.
  4. Warm, neutral colors like beige are popping up in many types of commercial properties. This is a safe way to follow the trends without making an image overhaul that may quickly go out of style. Neutral colors help offset the harsh fluorescent lighting many office spaces endure.
  5. Light to medium shades of gray are a sophisticated way to remain current. Add bright elements in the room for an eye-grabbing, bold contrast.

For more painting and decorating color inspiration, feel free to check out our post, How to Choose the Right Interior and Exterior Paint Colors for Your Business.

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