5 Signs that Your Southern California Floor Needs a Coating Update

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Exposed concrete is extremely vulnerable in an industrial environment. Millions of porous holes on its surface leave it susceptible to various types of damage. You may have noticed small cracks or defects on your concrete floor, but how do you know what is damaging? Deterioration can result from a combination of issues. Listed are a several types of concrete flooring deterioration in order for you to know when it’s time for a coating update.

  1. Poor Structure: Faulty subgrade, incorrectly placed reinforcements and poor jointing can all lead to floor deterioration.
  2. Surface Wear: This type of wear is caused by abrasion from heavy traffic, erosion from specific kinds of fluids and cavitation from formation and collapse of vapor bubbles.
  3. Crazing Cracks: Fine particles penetrate the laitance (cement and aggregate layer) and sometimes penetrate the actual concrete structure. Crazing allows water and chemicals to enter concrete.
  4. Salt Crystallization: Crystallization is formed in the pores of concrete and can produce significant stress on the floor.
  5. Extreme Temperatures and Weather Components: Though extreme temperature is not a common issue in the Central and Southern regions of California, your floors may still be affected by some of these issues. Spalling can occur when small fragments of exposed laitance detach and create roughness. Freeze-thaw, wet-dry cycling and pressure from expansion start this process. Spalling can continue to grow deeper unless corrected. Scaling is a common form of deterioration that begins by moisture from frost, rain, etc., penetrating the laitance surface.

If your concrete flooring looks a bit worn, you may need to look into epoxy coatings or some other floor coating for protection. Cor-Ray Painting Company has experience in the application of many floor coating systems, including epoxy, in the Central and Southern California area. Feel free to call (562) 906-9770, glance at their services here or look into the benefits of epoxy coatings.

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