5 Surprising Times When Industrial Water Proofing is a Must

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

It may surprise you which surfaces in your industrial facilities need water proofing. Some are obvious - most realize the need for water proofing around doors and windows - but the extent of the need for a water proofing coating goes far beyond these. Cor-Ray is an expert contractor in California which specializes in painting and water proofing coating. Here are five surprising surfaces Cor-Ray can help you protect:

1. Concrete Floors 

Concrete floors (or any other concrete surface) that do not have an adequate water proofing coating are susceptible to costly damages. Concrete is a porous material, and water can seep into these pores, weakening them until they crumble.

2. Industrial Equipment

Any industrial equipment that is exposed to water or moisture should also have an appropriate water proofing paint or coating applied. Rust and corrosion can from water can easily ruin very expensive equipment if it is not securely protected.

3. Water/Fuel Tanks

This may be the most surprising surface that requires a water proofing paint or coating. Though these structures are meant to hold liquids, they can also still be damaged by liquid, inside and out. A waterproofing coating or lining may prevent a disaster such as this.

4. Stucco or Other Siding

Much like concrete, stucco is a porous substance, and may slowly crumble or deteriorate from the harmful effects of water or moisture entering these pours. A waterproofing coating can protect you from this risk.

5. Wood Decks or Supports

Wood can easily warp, split, splinter, or even break from the harmful effects of water. Especially if your structure relies on wooden support, a waterproof coating is a crucial to securing both the support and the structure.

If you are interested in a contractor in California that can meet your waterproof painting and coating needs, contact Cor-Ray. Cor-Ray offers a variety of industrial waterproofing methods to fit your project. For an estimate, contact Cor-Ray today.

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