Are Polyurea Coatings Right for Your Project?

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Some of the most widely useful industrial coatings in California are plural component coatings such as epoxy, polyurethane and polyurea. Polyurea is perhaps less well known than others but it is really an incredible material with distinct advantages for many kinds of industrial applications. If you’ve heard of of polyurea but aren’t sure if it is the right industrial coating for your facility or equipment, here are a few examples of common industrial applications:

  • Fuel storage tanks
  • Water storage tanks
  • Water, oil or gas pipelines
  • Bridges
  • Roof coating
  • Floor coating, etc...

With these and many more common uses for polyurea, it is one of the most versatile industrial coatings. A unique combination of properties allows polyureas to be used in industries from oil and gas to food processing to logistics. Many painting contractors, coating engineers and facility managers favor it for its combination of the following traits:

  • Corrosion protection — While most plural component coatings are excellent for corrosion protection, polyurea is especially versatile when it comes to the environments in which it can be applied and its extreme longevity.
  • Chemical resistance — Polyurea is highly resistant to oil, chemicals and other contaminants. It is not affected by most chemicals in terms of integrity or cleanliness.
  • Abrasion resistance — Depending on desired formulation and application, polyurea can be made to range in hardness, but it’s very tough in any environment.
  • Flexibility — The elongation potential of polyurea can make it highly resistant to cracking when used on changing surfaces such as expanding/contracting steel structures.
  • Fast application — It is typically sprayed on and cures very quickly, usually all within the same day.
  • Waterproofing — Polyurea not only forms a solid seal for waterproofing buildings, but it can be formulated for safe application in potable water tanks, pipes, etc.
  • Environmental/health friendliness — Polyureas usually contain very low or zero VOCs.
  • Traction — It retains traction when wet and can also be applied with anti-slip additives for floors.

These are many of the qualities that help determine whether polyurea or another coating is ideal for your industrial facility or equipment in the Los Angeles area. For a more general comparison of polyurea, epoxy and polyurethane coating uses, see our post on choosing between plural component coatings. If you’d like to find out more about the correct coatings for your project in Los Angeles, Southern California or beyond, the professional painting contractors at Cor-Ray Painting Co. would be happy help. Just call our Santa Fe Springs office at (562) 906-9770 or contact us for an estimate.

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