Benefits of Dehumidification for Coating Projects in California

Friday, July 18, 2014

Condensation can be a major problem for painting and coating applications. Just as it is important that surfaces that are to be painted are prepared by removing dust, corrosion and other contaminants, it is also important that they be totally dry before coatings are applied. When surfaces are damp before paint or coatings are applied it typically result in premature coating failure, like bubbling, chipping or peeling. For those situations in which humidity and condensation will not dry by itself in a timely way, painting contractors may make use of a dehumidifier system.

The main situations that call for dehumidification are in very cold weather, humid climates or when coating tanks or other enclosed or damp spaces. Now the area around Los Angeles does not typically experience the first two—cold or humid weather—but enclosed spaces like industrial tank interiors and many other industrial settings do often create humid or damp environments.

Using dehumidification to control climate conditions has several advantages that speed painting and coating project timelines and reduce down time for facilities and equipment in Southern California, including:

  • Prevents weather delays from events like unexpected cold spells in winter or even just rainfall at some projects.
  • Prevents corrosion between the time of surface blasting and coating. Dehumidification preserves the state of the blasted (and unprotected) surface from "flash rust"
  • Completely dries damp spaces like tank interiors or recently water blasted areas, allowing for less wait time between surface preparation and painting and coating application.
  • Speeds paint and coating drying time for some products, which can help prevent running and dripping as well as allow painting contractors to move on to the next step in the project.

Cor-Ray Painting Company can utilize electric or propane dehumidification equipment to streamline your project, whether it is coating tanks or another painting service. Based in Santa Fe Springs in Los Angeles, Cor-Ray offers a full range of industrial coating and painting service options for your projects in Southern California. Get an estimate or call (562) 906-9770.

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