Best Weather for Painting in Southern California

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

While most of the nation takes the brunt of winter storm after winter storm, Southern California has it pretty mild. Dropping into the 50s and 60s and getting relatively heavy rain will be a mostly welcomed event, especially considering California’s drought. But even with places like San Diego and Temecula having some of the most agreeable climates in the country, there are still some seasonal factors to take into account for painting and coating projects in Southern California.

Winter Painting in So. Cal.

Winter is, in most places, a slow season for painting, as the wet and cold really limit the practicality of exterior painting jobs. Los Angeles or San Diego, however, generally don’t have enough of either wet or cold to completely prevent painting projects from moving forward very often. Still, many people think they need to save their painting projects for the spring and summer, partly just from convention. The fact of the matter is, until temperatures drop to 40 or less, the paint is fine, so when scheduling your painting job in Southern California, there’s very little need to wait for the weather. In addition, there can even be advantages to having your painting project started in the winter, as some painting contractors are less likely to be busy with other jobs.

Ideal Season for Painting in So. Cal.

Unlike many parts of the U.S., California’s wet season is in the winter. While it still doesn’t rain that much, moisture can prevent many paints from adhering properly to most surfaces. So it is sometimes ideal to start those exterior painting jobs that require little possibility of weather delays in spring or summer. It’s similar when it comes to temperature; it may not get down to 40 degrees often in most of Southern California, but most paints dry faster, work better and can be more efficiently applied in temperatures above 60 degrees. This means that if there are multiple coats and/or bordering colors in your project, the overall painting job time might be a little faster in warmer months.

On the other hand, waiting to paint until it’s into the 90s can cause the paint to dry more quickly than is ideal for some situations—certain paints form stronger films when it’s not too hot, and with certain application methods the surface will look more uniform when paint does not dry immediately.

In general, you can have your painting jobs done at any time of year in Southern California, but the ideal time for some projects starts in early spring. That means the perfect time to get an estimate is actually right now! Cor-Ray Painting is a licensed and experienced contractor in California offering industrial painting services to Los Angeles, San Diego, and throughout Southern California. To get your project started, just call us at (562) 906-9770 or click here for an estimate.

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