Businesses Most At-Risk for Fire

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Aside from single family homes that don’t have to undergo regular safety inspections or load up with sprinkler systems, commercial buildings take a large hit from the devastating problem known as fire. Fires disrupt all of your business’ typical services as well as destroy valuable information and property. Here are some startling statistics so that you can be more aware of how to protect your business:

  • According to the National Fire Protection Association, the 25 largest loss and deadliest fires in the country throughout time have included eight different industrial plants and other commercial buildings.
  • Most commercial building fires (85%) are due to human error or intent, so make sure your employees are well-trained and healthy.
  • Around 80,000 workplaces experience the harmful effects of fire each year.
  • Senior citizens age 70 and over as well as children under the age of five have the greatest risk of death by fire; more than double the regular population. This is something to consider if you own a senior care center or day care program.


Here are the businesses that need to prepare the most:

  • High-occupancy facilities: Apartments, hotels, restaurants, medical centers and other crowded buildings are most at-risk for fires (excluding personal residences).
  • Warehouses: From 2005-2009, an estimated 1,310 warehouse structure fires were reported each year, mostly due to electrical failure or malfunction.
  • Eating and drinking establishments: From 2006-2012, there were 7,640 structure fires each year, with cooking equipment causing both the most fires and the most damage.
  • Businesses with industrial loaders and forklifts: From 2003-2006, an annual 1,340 structure and vehicle fires occurred where loaders, forklifts or other similar handling vehicles were directly involved. This cost a yearly average of $36 million in property damage.

For fire safety tips, click over to 8 Ways to Fireproof Your Business. It’s always best to have a protective coating to keep your business safe. Intumescent coatings provide a protective thermal barrier and are lightweight. Cementitious fireproofing is another option, which is a durable way to facilitate a safe exit from the fire. Before receiving any type of fireproofing, choose a company that is qualified for fireproofing services. If you would like a contractor in California, call Cor-Ray Painting Company at (562) 906-9770. They specialize in both intumescent coatings and cementitious fireproofing. They have completed all kinds of impressive projects, from blasting and painting the Oakland International Airport to lead abatement in the Angels Gate Lighthouse. For a look at these projects, click here.

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