Caulking for Industrial Properties in Southern California

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

An industrial painting job is typically incomplete without significant caulking work. Caulking is a less obvious painting service that still has a big impact on both the integrity of your building and its appearance. It can be done by a caulking and waterproofing contractor, but caulking is really a standard area of expertise for any full service industrial painting contractor in California such as Cor-Ray Painting Co.  To help you get a sense of what to expect with this crucial painting service, we’ve outlined some of the reasons for caulking and some locations in your structures that may need to be caulked during a painting job. 

Locations to be caulked
Many gaps, cracks or holes in industrial buildings are possible points to apply caulk. Some of the most common places are around windows and doors, between siding and trim, around skylights, ventilation pipes, baseboards, cove bases and fixtures, to name a few. Almost anywhere where water, air or dirt can get in between, or where sealing a gap simply looks neater and cleaner. New construction and existing structures alike need caulking, whether it is to seal new materials together or seal old cracked materials. 

Benefits of caulk
The three main purposes of caulk are waterproofing, insulation and appearance. Caulk can help in waterproofing an industrial building by filling any exterior gaps between materials like siding, trim, windows, etc where water might leak in. Interior areas where running water or other fluids are used might also be waterproofed, such as around sinks or fixtures. Caulking is also airtight when applied thoroughly, which insulates those same gaps that must be waterproofed. The appearance benefits of caulking are that it gives a more finished, cleaner and smoother look to interior joints and seams.  Caulk also is used to keep dirt or debris from getting into small gaps that are hard to clean. 

Further considerations 
There are many kinds of caulk, such as silicone, polyurethane or butyl, and they can be clear, colored to match a building, or plain white for painting over.  As an experienced industrial painting contractor in California, Cor-Ray Painting Co. can help determine the best caulk and employ the most effective caulking methods for your projects in San Diego, Long Beach, Los Angeles and throughout the Southern California region. Click here for a free quote or call us at our office in Santa Fe Springs: (562) 906-9770.

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