Choosing Between Plural Component Coatings in Southern California

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

For the industrial environments around L.A. and San Diego, there is often a need for coatings with exceptional hardiness and versatility. Since many industrial paints and coatings do not meet the rigorous requirements of certain industrial settings, a plural component coating may be an excellent solution. Basically, it involves a mixture of two components: a base and a curing agent. This allows it to be VOC free, environment and health friendly, and highly durable, among other advantages.

The main types of such coatings are epoxy, polyurethane, and polyurea. Plural component coatings are very versatile in the kinds of surfaces and uses for which they are suitable; that said, each type has different advantages, and understanding their differences can help you decide with your painting contractor which coating or combination coatings are best for your industrial facility. Here are some factors to take into account:

Polyurethanes and polyureas are generally more pliable than epoxies, making them ideal for use on changing surfaces, such as expanding/contracting outdoor concrete or a flexible steel structure. Most epoxies, on the other hand, cure into a harder surface with excellent chemical resistance properties, but polyurethanes and polyureas are less likely to crack on a shifting surface.

Epoxies and polyureas tend to bond to surfaces like concrete better than polyurethanes do, though proper surface preparation is still absolutely crucial to the success of an epoxy coating (see our page on surface preparation). Epoxy thus makes for an excellent primer to support a polyurethane coating finish.

While it does not fade or yellow indoors, epoxy coatings can be affected by sunlight, especially in the consistent and intense sunlight we have here in Southern California. So, for outdoor use, epoxy again makes a better primer, though it is an excellent indoor floor coating. A polyurethane coating requires periodic maintenance coatings, unlike epoxy, but it is less susceptible to fading in the sun.

While this may get you started, feel free to contact a professional painting contractor at Cor-Ray for more information and help choosing coatings for your Southern California facilities. Cor-Ray painters are fully equipped and highly experienced in applying plural component coatings throughout the greater L.A. and San Diego areas. You can easily reach us by clicking here or calling (562) 906-9770

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