Cor-Ray: A Contractor in California that Puts Safety First

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cor-Ray has proven itself over it's many years of service that it is a contractor in California capable of a excelling in a wide array of painting and coating jobs. From metal coatings for corrosion protection to epoxy sealants for concrete floors, Cor-Ray provides a wide variety of services done at the highest level. However, one potentially overlooked facet of Cor-Ray's business is their commitment to safety.

Safety has been a key component of Cor-Ray's values since the company's inception. This commitment has lead to an impeccable safety record for our company. Clients can be assured that if Cor-Ray is the contractor in California they have chosen for their painting and coating project, the job will be done with the highest standards for safety.

If any facet of a job isn't deemed safe, we don't proceed. To facilitate this commitment, every employee has "STOP WORK" authority. If any employee sees something that could result in a compromised level of safety, he or she can take care of it immediately. This policy puts eyes on every angle of the job, to ensure that no part of the job is done below our standard.

All the safety programs at Cor-Ray either meet or exceed the OSHA regulations. Other components of our Saftely Awareness Program include:

  • Qualified Operator for So. Cal Gas Companies/SDGE
  • Certified NACE Inspectors
  • Corporate Quality Assurance
  • Training of Field Personnel

Cor-Ray does the highest quality work with the highest commitment to safety. If you need a contractor for your job in painting, metal coatings, epoxy flooring, or much morecontact the experts at Cor-Ray today. 

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