Corrosion & Steel Structures: Is Your Business at Risk?

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Steel is one of the most common building materials due to its strength, cost-effectiveness and easy transportation. However, steel is also quite susceptible to corrosion when exposed to the outdoors. Rust can form by steel reacting to atmospheric oxygen and exposure to other elements such as water, heat, humidity and salt. Businesses in snowy states should be highly concerned but even those in Southern California can experience the effects of corrosion. Metal coatings can act as a highly effective form of corrosion protection.

Although the look of corrosion is unsightly, the damages can extend far beyond appearance. With corrosion, your steel structure may no longer be watertight and the structural integrity can be profoundly compromised. Rust is one of the most common causes of bridge accidents. This can happen due to the weakening of adjacent parts that cause bridge supports to fail. High rises are also very susceptible to causing the most corrosion damage because of the great number of occupants that could be affected.

Metalizing creates a protective coating that prevents corrosion and damage from the elements. Metalizing is primarily used for process facilities, wind towers, water and wastewater storage, transition and treatment facilities, stadiums, sewage plants, bridges, etc. Through a series of bridge evaluations, metalized coatings got the highest rating (10/10) and were the safest but also the most environmentally-friendly coating. Even after 6-10 years in harsh climates, the metalized structures that were evaluated saw no corrosion failure. For more information about the intricate process, check out “What is Metalizing?".

To ensure the safety of your business, employees, customers and equipment, it’s best to look into the benefits of industrial coatings. If you are searching for a contractor in California, Cor-Ray Painting Company provides both twin wire and arc spray metalizing systems. They are capable of high production field applications of zinc, aluminum or alloy-based metalizing. Cor-Ray has accomplished many such steel structure projects including the Reading Room Dome of the Main San Diego Library. Call (562) 906-9770 or click for more information.

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