8 Steps for an Effective Safety Awareness Program

Thursday, January 23, 2014

A safety awareness program is essential for any professional company. It may include mandated inspections and certifications as well as other steps you take to ensure the well-being and efficiency of your employees. There are many specifications that depend on your industry and size, but whatever your situation, the steps outlined below can be useful for developing a safety awareness program that is effective.

1) Form a safety committee with managers and workers from each department. They should review the hazards your workers face and run the awareness program, starting with the following steps...

2) Go over your accident history to see what kinds of accidents have happened and what could have been done to prevent them, such as wearing protective gear or adding non-skid coatings.

3) Assess your workers' actions and environment to pinpoint possible hazards involved in each procedure.

4) Make an inventory of safety issues relevant to your company, using the information gathered in steps 2 and 3. This should be updated at least once a year.

5) Hold safety meetings. Workers can meet by department to go over their current tasks and identify dangers. Committee representatives may lead these meetings and use them to provide instruction on a given safety issue.

6) Provide materials to all employees that clearly communicate your company's safety policies and guidelines. Also, find materials on each safety issue that your committee will need to cover in their regular meetings. A good place to start is OSHA's website.

7) Keep meetings interesting with a variety of instructional methods, such as videos and training exercises. Include some form of employee response to make sure it’s working, such as asking for examples or giving occasional tests.

8) Make necessary changes in your facilities, such as marking pathways, fireproofing or other safety features. A painting contractor can help you with many such safety-related facility improvements.

For more examples of good safety awareness program elements, click here. When your program is up and running you’ll get a better idea of the changes you’ll need make. If your improvements are related to painting, non-skid or protective coatings, etc., contact Cor-Ray Painting Company. Cor-Ray is a Santa Fe Springs painting contractor serving Pico Rivera, Whittier, Downey, Norwalk, and surrounding areas.  Call (562) 906-9770, or contact them through their website for more information.

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