Environmental Benefits of Water Blasting/Washing in S. California

Thursday, September 11, 2014

With the growing awareness of the effect our actions have on the world we live in, our responsibility to the environment has never been greater. This responsibility stretches to nearly every part of our lives, and constantly changes the way we interact and the choices we make. How we clean and prepare industrial surfaces is one such arena where this relationship to our environment must be considered. Cor-Ray is a contractor in California who understands this responsibility.

Before a new surface or floor coating can be applied, it's crucial that the area is adequately cleaned and prepared. This ensures that the protective coating adheres correctly, and lasts for as long as possible. Cor-Ray offers several different methods for surface preparation, including:

Hot and Cold Water Blasting/Washing is one method in particular that can provide the necessary assurances that any substances detrimental to the environment are first safely removed. Especially in industrial and commercial settings, this step is of the utmost importance to the protective coating process. 

Hot and Cold Water Blasting/Washing provides a safe way to remove numerous harmful chemicals and contaminants from both concrete and steel structures. This is done using hot, cold and steam water washing - whatever the job demands. The blasting process also removes other substances from concrete or steel structures that would prevent an effective surface or floor coating, including rust, dirt, previous coatings, and many more.

Cor-Ray has extensive experience in the varied forms of surface preparation, including Hot and Cold Water Blasting/Washing. If you're interested in a contractor in California that can apply new coatings while respecting the environment, contact the experts at Cor-Ray by calling (562) 906-9770, or clicking here.

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