Four Tips to Clean and Maintain Your Concrete Floor

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

After you have a concrete floor down, you want to make sure it lasts and is in great condition for years to come. There are a few easy ways to clean and maintain your concrete floor to do just that. If you're interested in installing a concrete floor for your industrial space, Cor-Ray is a contractor in California who prides itself in doing excellent work in a reasonable amount of time.

1. As with any floor in an industrial are, concrete floors will gather loose debris and dust. Make sure to keep the concrete floors well swept.

2. Concrete coatings will likely not be damaged by a spill, but a stain may form if left unattended. Clean the concrete coating as promptly as possible to keep the work area safe and keep the floor from staining.

3. To mop the concrete flooring, use only a small amount of mild cleaner or dish soap. Vinegar or ammonia may damage the concrete flooring.

4. A concrete coating may need periodically rebuffed to hold or restore its shine. A high speed buffer with white pad should be used on the concrete coating.

Cor-Ray is a contractor in California that specializes in a wide variety of industrial contracting work, such as laying concrete floors and provides concrete coatings. If you would like to call or email Cor-Ray for more information about your next industrial contracting job, use the contact form today.

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