How Painting Can Increase Warehouse Efficiency

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

The role of distribution centers is very demanding in Southern California, especially in Los Angeles and inland. With the busy shipping market in the region your warehouse or distribution center needs to be running at top efficiency. Your company may be highly productive when it comes to logistics, but you can give your efficiency a real edge by making your facility more conducive to a smooth work flow. Here are some ways painting and coating jobs can help streamline your distribution center:

  • Safety and line striping floor paint allows employees, especially new hires, to know exactly where foot and vehicle traffic is meant to go, which makes for a smoother flow of traffic as well as less chance that an accident will occur. Floor striping can mark off door swings, lanes, loading areas and more.
  • Non-skid floor coatings increase both safety and efficiency in warehouses, allowing for better control in foot and forklift traffic over a concrete floor. People and vehicles can move faster as well as avoid accidents.
  • Epoxy floor coatings make floors much faster and easier to clean. Also, with the glossy sheen and a light color floor paint, epoxy or other concrete floor coatings can increase the brightness of a warehouse by 300%, greatly improving visibility and preventing lost time accidents, etc.
  • Ceiling painting also has a tremendous effect on lighting and visibility, which increases safety and efficiency. Updating your warehouse ceiling paint job also has the benefit of keeping old peeling paint or built up residues from falling on the warehouse floor.

While you can significantly increase workplace efficiency with these painting and coating updates, it is also important that the painting process interferes minimally with your activities. That’s why Cor-Ray Painting Co. can work around your schedule and stay with planned timelines for applications. Efficient application and the extremely fast cure time of most floor coatings as well as our ability to work around your space and activities means you don’t have to worry about significant interruptions.

To find out more and get an estimate for your warehouses in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego or throughout Southern California and beyond, contact us on the web or call (562) 906-9770.

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