How to Choose the Right Interior and Exterior Paint Colors for Your Business

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Selecting paint colors can be a challenging task, especially since most of us don’t have an interior decorating background. Surrounding colors can heavily influence mood, focus and productivity in the workplace. You want your business to be an enjoyable atmosphere in which to spend time and accomplish high-quality work. Here are a few considerations when choosing a fresh coating of paint:


  • Pick a shade that compliments the equipment and specific pieces of furniture in the workplace that you don’t want to or can’t afford to replace. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the color looks on the wall if it clashes with its surroundings. If you have older, less attractive equipment, find a color that matches it so it becomes less noticeable.
  • If brighter colors are catching your eye, implement them to delineate boundaries, identify different departments in the company or instill a high-energy feel in the office.
  • If you are leaning toward more neutral tones, that is a safer choice. Neutral colors are less likely to offend the eye and typically generate a soothing environment. Also, neutral is easier to match with existing decor.
  • Colors usually intensify when displayed on a wall, so perhaps choose a shade less severe than your initial selection.
  • If your business is hard on the walls and there are many types of scratches and dents, purchase flat paint in order to hide those imperfections.
  • If good lighting is an issue, choose satin paints that reflect more light.
  • Consider the psychological impact of color. Customers make judgement calls based on the colors associated with your workplace. Red stimulates buying and appetite but can be quite overpowering if used too much, yellow is associated with concentration, pink is calming (great for a dental, medical or law office where people can be on edge), blue promotes loyalty and brown spurs trust.
  • Once you think you’ve found a great color, put a test coating on a small section of the wall and look at it throughout the day as the lighting changes to see if you still like it.
  • For exterior paint jobs, select a color that matches the roof and foundation since those do not change. Also, make sure the color does not conflict with adjacent businesses.


Painting and decorating can require a lot of hard work. For larger interior or exterior painting tasks, you may want to hire a painting company to get the job done in a swift, effective manner. If you are looking for a contractor in California, contact Cor-Ray Painting Company at (562) 906-9770, or look at their previously completed painting jobs (such as their work with the Oakland International Airport in the San Fransisco Bay Area) here.

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