How to Maintain Steel Structures in Southern California

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Although steel is durable and can withstand frequent wear, it too has its limits. Steel can be affected by moisture and other atmospheric conditions. Frequent oxidation can lead to corrosion and reduction of its integrity. Southern California may not have the extreme temperatures that other parts of the country endure, but wind exposure, salt (from the ocean), warmth and pollution levels can also cause unsightly stains while increasing the rate of corrosion. Whether you must rebuild certain aspects or simply rinse off a few minor stains, here are some tips to properly maintaining your steel:


Type: Make sure you have corrosion-resistant steel for ultimate durability.

Surface Stains and Scratches: Choose a low pressure wash and simply rinse off any dirt. Buff out or sand away any minor scuffs. There are also rust and stain removers available.

Design: If you’re rebuilding aspects of your steel structure, it’s best to avoid creating places that will collect excess water or dirt.

Concrete encasement: This can be added for extra support when needed.

Surface preparation and protective coatings: Galvanizing or metalizing the steel will protect against corrosion and other damage. Paints are also available such as vinyl, rubber or epoxy paint that create a solid barrier.


Keep your steel looking and performing at its best. For metalizing, painting and coating services, contact an expert. Cor-Ray Painting Company provides both twin wire and arc spray metalizing systems. They are capable of high production field applications of zinc, aluminum or alloy-based metalizing. Cor-Ray has completed many steel structure projects like the Reading Room Dome of the Main San Diego Library. Call (562) 906-9770 or click for more information.

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