Is Metalizing Right for Your Steel Structures?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Finding the type of paint or coatings to protect your industrial structures is no simple process in most industries. With the wide range of substrates and environments coupled with the vast painting and coating selection, it can be a quite a task for your company and your contractor in California to determine what your job needs. For many steel structures, metalizing has become a desirable option. To give you an initial idea of whether metalizing might be a good choice for your steel structures, consider the following factors.

Surface and Structure Types
With a few exceptions, metalizing is meant for steel surfaces. By spraying molten aluminum, zinc or an alloy onto the steel, metalizing provides galvanic corrosion protection for the steel. Stainless steels may not benefit directly, but the welds on stainless steel structures may, as metalizing will give both corrosion protection and maintain a uniform metallic appearance with the structural steel. Some examples of appropriate applications for metalizing include oil platforms, wind towers, bridges, water tanks, dam and aqueduct gates, refineries and even the dome of the San Diego Library.

Of course you want a cost-effective corrosion solution. Historically, metalizing application costs have been double or triple the costs of painting and coating. This has changed significantly more recently, making metalizing much closer to other painting options in terms of initial cost. For long term cost, however, metalizing is considered to be more cost effective. So, consider how long your steel will be in use to help determine whether metalizing or another coating is more cost effective.

Paints and other coatings can last a long time when properly applied by a proficient painting contractor using the best surface preparation methods. Metalizing can last many times longer—not only ten years but thirty or more. In addition, applying a paint topcoat to the metalizing increases the life of both significantly, as they protect eachother by preventing exterior wear and a corroding substrate.

While taking regulations and industry standards into account, an expert industrial painting contractor in California can help you determine whether metalizing is the right solution for your situation. To consult with an experienced and fully equipped metalizing applicator contact Cor-Ray Painting Co. in Santa Fe Springs to get an estimate.

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