Is Your Powder Coating Affected by the Changing Seasons?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Powder coatings have a lot to offer the metal coating industry. A powder coating is typically more durable than conventional paint, has incredible flexibility and is environmentally friendly. However, similar to traditional paint, both humidity and temperature can affect the performance of powder coating systems.

What problems can occur?
Changes in temperature and humidity may affect fluidization, filter efficiency, filter life and charging capabilities of powder coatings. The most common problems that stem from heat and humidity are powder clumping or compacting and more difficult fluidization.

What are the ideal conditions for a powder coating?

  • Consistency is desirable, which can be one of the many benefits of living in a more temperate climate like Central or Southern California.
  • Preferably, the powder should remain stored in an environment that maintains around 68-80 degrees Fahrenheit and about 47-55% humidity.
  • Selecting a high quality powder coating can also create a better metal coating bond.
  • The curing step in the powder coating process is critical. New processes are being developed specifically for heat-sensitive alloys so that all metals can be coated properly.

It’s best to consult with professionals when deciding which process should be used on your specific painting and coating project. To learn more about the benefits of powder coatings, click over to our blog post. If you would like to start a project in the Central or Southern California area, contact Cor-Ray Painting Company to find out more about their extensive experience in the painting and coating field at (562) 906-9770 or click here.

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