Metal Coatings: Long-Term, Cost Effective Corrosion Protection

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

It is always worthwhile to protect any investment. We buy cases for our phones, purchase insurance for our house and car, and wear helmets while biking. The same logic can be applied to protecting industrial steel structures. For long-term cost effective protection, metal coatings are the way to go.

Metalizing is a process where a molten metal (often zinc or aluminum) is sprayed onto a steel structure to provide a protective coating. The process is becoming more and more common for its unique benefits and quick application. Metal coatings are often used on oil and gas transmission and process facilities, wind towers, water and wastewater storage facilities, bridges, transition and treatment facilities, and the like. Cor-Ray is a contractor in California that utilizes its state of the art machinery to provide metal coatings of the highest quality. 

Long-Term Protection

Metalizing provides long-term protection against rust and corrosion. A correctly applied metal coating can provide protection for up to thirty years or more. This is many times longer than the protection provided by painting and other coatings. In fact, metal coatings can last up to ten times as long as paint alone. For the most enduring finish, a paint topcoat can be paired with the metalizing process, and the two will work together to provide extensive corrosion protection.

Cost Effective Protection

The metalizing process saves considerable amounts of money. First, metal coatings will prevent damages to your steel structures from corrosion and rust that lead to costly repairs or even replacements. Second, the cost of the metal coating process itself has decreased dramatically in recent years. The initial cost of metalizing is now even comparable to other paint coatings. For the longevity of your structure, metal coatings are undoubtably worthwhile.

If you are interested in a metal coating for corrosion or rust protection, Cor-Ray is a contractor in California that specializes in industrial painting and metallization. The experts at Cor-Ray will provide quick, professional services with state of the art technology. Contact the experts at Cor-Ray for an estimate today. 

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