Oil and Fuel Storage Tank Lining in Southern California

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fuel and oil storage tank interiors generally need protection against corrosion. Without proper lining, the contents of these tanks tend to corrode the steel walls. This poses problems first of all for the ability of the tanks to contain their contents, which could leak into the environment causing a safety hazard as well as result in losses of fuel or oil. Additionally, proper tank lining preserves the quality of the oil or fuel against rust or contamination. Linings also are crucial because they increase tank life and help avoid highly costly replacements. It is important to have a protective coating update by the first sign of corrosion for best results.

Surface Preparation
When coating tanks used for oil or fuel, one of the most important steps in the process is surface preparation. The quality of surface preparation largely determines the durability of the coating. It is important that your coatings contractor be equipped for and knowledgeable about surface preparation methods and levels since the needed preparation will vary depending on your tanks and the kind of coatings to be applied. For instance, Cor-Ray prepped the inside of Oakland Airport fuel tanks to SP-10 near white finish, which means that all foreign matter has been completely removed by abrasive blasting. In other cases, special blasting media like dry ice may need to be used, such as on the Eastgate Reservoir.

Coating Materials
Choosing the exact material for coating tanks is mainly a matter of the tank type, contents and corrosion rates in various environments throughout Southern California or other areas. Many tank linings use plural component coating systems like an epoxy coating or polyurea because of their chemical resistance in contact with fuels. One such epoxy coating Cor-Ray Painting Co. has employed for jet fuel tanks is a three coat epoxy system, which forms a thicker layer for good protection. Many plural component coatings are low or zero VOC and cure very fast while emitting no pollutants into the tank contents.

The professionals at Cor-Ray Painting Co. can help you determine and apply coatings for oil or fuel tank lining that will increase the life of your investments. Whether you need polyurea or epoxy tank lining repair or coatings for new tanks, Cor-Ray brings decades of experience and the right equipment and methods to your job. Get an estimate or call Cor-Ray Painting Co’s Santa Fe Springs office at (562) 906-5770.

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