Painting and Coating So. Cal. Wastewater Treatment Plants

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wastewater treatment plants may be among the industrial facilities most prone to corrosion issues. Maintaining wastewater treatment facilities is a vital service for Southern California, and no small task with millions and millions of people using water and sewage. Painting and coating services are generally a big part of maintaining or rehabilitating wastewater treatment plants, and you need to work with an industrial painting contractor that is able to meet all the requirements of this unique task. 

Concrete and steel are the most common materials that need painting and coating in wastewater treatment plants in the L.A. and San Diego areas. Concrete, being a porous material, eventually deteriorates from contact with wastewater. Concrete surfaces in channels, basins, wells and holding tanks need to be first cleaned by an appropriate surface preparation method, then tested for excessive moisture content (plastic sheet method), then protected with a durable liner like epoxy or polyurea.

Steel and ferrous metals, on the other hand, are prone to rusting in wastewater environments, even without being in direct contact with fluids. Gates, piping, tanks and structural steel all need protection with metal paint coatings. Angled parts and welds may need extra protection. After a surface preparation like dry ice or slurry blasting, the metal components in wastewater treatment can be protected with epoxy, urethane or a number suitable metal paint options. 

There are a lot of factors that need consideration when coating wastewater treatment plants, such as the types of materials, types of deterioration, and regulations. For example, a relatively intact concrete surface may only need water blasting preparation, whereas a deeply deteriorated area will need heavier preparation like slurry blasting. Southern California’s regulations tend to be harder to navigate than in most areas, so you will want to make sure your painting contractor in California is equipped for any needed method.

To learn more on protecting wastewater treatment plants, contact Cor-Ray Painting Co. We are a full service, experienced and licensed industrial painting contractor in California, meeting the safety and regulatory requirements for wastewater treatment plant coating. Give us a call at (562) 906-9770, or click here for an estimate.

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