Painting Your California Industrial Building to Lease or Sell

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Most industrial painting and coating jobs fill a very specific role in increasing the function of industrial facilities and equipment. Painting jobs like putting non-skid floor coatings in a busy warehouse or lining an airport fuel tank are designed with those particular industries and particular uses in mind. But if you are putting your industrial building up for lease or sale, you may be marketing it to a variety of industries.

When you want to accommodate tenants/buyers who may need anything from a manufacturing plant to a shipping and receiving facility, the painting job should be one that will require little change for any given occupant while also appealing to a wide variety of potential occupants.

Wall and Ceiling Colors
In general, bright yet neutral colors will work for most industrial tenants or buyers. Brighter colors on the ceiling and walls of an industrial facility make it look cleaner and greatly increase visibility. Neutrals look professional and will not clash with any prospective buyer/tenant’s preferences. Click here for more information on choosing industrial paint colors.

There are a number of industrial floor coatings for a concrete floor. If you are preparing a property to sell or lease, a good choice may be a basic epoxy coating. Epoxy is a material widely used in industrial painting applications because it is versatile. Epoxies form a very strong bond with the concrete floor, have good chemical, heat and traffic resistance as well as traction, accommodating most industrial uses. It is also an excellent primer if your buyer/tenant needs, say, a urethane based coating after all.

Any potential tenant will be attracted to energy-efficient roof coatings. Light-refracting roof paint will save them on energy expenses, especially in the hot and sunny climate around Los Angeles. Roof coatings increase the value of your property, which will benefit you whether you are leasing or selling it.

Quality painting jobs are a huge factor in getting industrial buildings sold or leased in Southern California. Cor-Ray Painting Co. will be happy to get your buildings painted to a standard that will satisfy or exceed any industry’s needs. For your industrial painting and coating jobs anywhere from San Diego to Fullerton to Burbank and all the way up to Fresno or Berkley, contact Cor-Ray Painting Co. for an estimate: (562) 906-9770.

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