Project Spotlight: Painting and Coating the Oakland Airport

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

In early 2012, Cor-Ray was hired for blasting, painting and coating fuel tanks at the Oakland International Airport. The job took six months, and was completed in summer of that year. When hiring a contractor in California, Cor-Ray was chosen as the painters the Oakland International Airport could trust, due to our commitment to doing exceptional work in the prescribed amount of time.

First, the fuel tanks were built to serve the airport. Cor-Ray was then called in to apply the coating. First, the tanks were blasted to prepare the surface for coating. Then, a three coat epoxy system was applied to the tanks inside and out. 

The coating consisted first of a zinc primer, to help adhere the later coats. Then, an epoxy intermediate was applied. This is the primary functional coat for the structure, meant to keep the tank free of corrosion, water damage, and any other threats to it's long term usage. Last, a urethane top coat was applied.

To see more information on this and other work by Cor-Ray, see the project page of our website here. Cor-Ray stands behind it's work, for it's excellent quality and timely completion. We are proud to showcase our completed projects to show our dedication to our work.

If you need a contractor in California to complete your painting and coating project (or any of the other varied work Cor-Ray excels in), contact Cor-Ray today. Cor-Ray are qualified painters, coaters, and much more, and wants to provide the quality work your company deserves.

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