Project Spotlight: Tule Flume Metal Paint

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

On June 16, 2012, Cor-Ray completed an 8 month project on the Tule Flume in Springville, CA. Cor-Ray did painting and repair work on the steel structures, stretching over 3,000 feet of 48 inch piping. This project is a prime example of Cor-Ray adapting to the needs of a project, and responding with the high quality work you can expect from this contractor in California.

The steel structures were flown in via helicopter and welded in place. Cor-Ray was hired to first fix any damages from transportation and handling. Once completed, Cor-Ray then began painting and metal coating work. Any miscellaneous steel was also prepped and metal coating was applied.

For the interior, Cor-Ray first blasted the interior welds to an SP-10 near white finish. Then, the interior was painted with a metal paint featuring a 100% Epoxy solids coating. On the exterior of the piping, the welds and damaged areas were first blasted to an SP-6 for prepping. Next, the areas were coated with an epoxy intermediated, and finished with a polyurethane coating.

Cor-Ray is a contractor in California that specializes in industrial painting and coating projects, such as the work featured here on the Tule Flume. If you have a similar project, or need one of a variety of services we offer, contact the experts at Cor-Ray here

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