Removing Graffiti with Protective Coatings in Southern California

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Even a small spot of graffiti can spoil the professional appearance of your commercial facility. Unfortunately, once graffiti has been placed on your building, vandals typically further deface the surface. Removing graffiti quickly will ensure that the mark gets completely removed (the longer it remains, the more difficult to remove) and may prevent future occurrences. When graffiti is removed within 24-48 hours of tagging, the incidence of further vandalism is reduced to almost zero. 

So how do you get rid of graffiti?
Graffiti should be removed in a way that is more effective than simply painting over it. Painting over graffiti only creates a clean surface for the vandal to begin again. Your facility should be protected rather than just covered. Anti-graffiti protective coatings can accomplish this.

What types of anti-graffiti coatings are out there?
Both types of anti-graffiti protective coatings are clear and therefore invisible upon application.
Sacrificial anti-graffiti coatings are wax-based and form a clear protective film over the area. This coating shields your facility from spray paint or other tough substances from penetrating the surface. It is “sacrificed” when someone marks it with graffiti, then both the coating and graffiti can be removed with a pressure washer. The coating can then be reapplied for further protection.
Non-sacrificial/permanent anti-graffiti coatings are polyurethane-based and protect in a similar manner to sacrificial coatings but without the need to be reapplied after graffiti removal. This type of coating does not allow for spray paint to bond with your surface. If vandalized, scrubbing with solvent can remove without damaging coating or surface.

What are the essential qualities of anti-graffiti coatings?

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