Roof Coatings vs Roof Replacement

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Everybody knows that it’s better to fix a problem rather than to cover it up. It might seem like applying a roof coating to a roof in need of repair would violate that rule, or that completely re-roofing would always be the option with the most integrity. But, believe it or not, the fact of the matter is that roof coating is not only a more efficient alternative to re-roofing, but is often more sound as well. Here’s why:

Water Proofing
Perhaps the main reason to install or repair a roof is for water proofing concerns. After any necessary minor repairs, roof coatings can create a single waterproofing coating membrane that completely eliminates any leakage. While roofing materials such as metal will always have seams and holes that can potentially be a source of leaks, roof paint can seal the whole surface thoroughly.

Energy Efficiency
For most buildings, air conditioning makes up the majority of the energy bill, especially in sunny Southern California. Energy-efficient roof coatings can save a tremendous amount in energy costs by reflecting the sun's light and heat away. It is an environmentally friendly option that may even qualify you for tax benefits. Learn more by checking out our post on energy-efficient roof coatings.

Cost Effectiveness
Roof coating costs much less to install than roofing does, and often requires less maintenance. Great longevity combined with energy and waterproofing coating qualities make roof paint more cost-effective in the long run, and not just in the short run. 

Roof coating projects are faster than conventional roofing, and are far less disruptive to your business' activities, which of course saves money. In addition, there is a safety/liability benefit since no heavy materials are being used.

If your Southern California industrial facility's roof is new or is in need of updating or repair, talk with an experienced industrial painting contractor to see if roof coatings are right for you. Contact Cor-Ray Painting by clicking here or calling (562) 906-9770. 

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