Southern California Coating Services for Oil and Gas

Monday, April 07, 2014

If you work in the oil or gas industry, you'll probably know that Southern California has one of the biggest oil and gas industries in the nation, as well as some of the highest consumption levels for these products. So it is crucial yet quite complex to maintain all the production facilities, import/export terminals, refineries, plants, storage tanks, etc. Coating and painting services are a large part of maintaining Southern California's oil and gas industry.

Surface preparation of oil and gas equipment or facilities is needed especially when maintaining existing paint jobs, but also for newly installed equipment or new construction. Since there is such a wide array of surface types, from oil pipe interiors to petrochemical plant floors, the type of surface preparation varies widely. For instance, before storage tank linings we might recommend dry ice blasting since it doesn't need cleanup; or, a buried pipeline may need sand/water slurry blasting to ensure a pure and properly textured coating substrate. 

Coating and painting options also vary widely, which requires a range of equipment and experience from an industrial painting contractor in California. For pipelines, epoxy coatings often fit the bill to prevent corrosion and leakage (see our post on pipeline coatings for more on this). Various epoxy coatings and other plural component coatings, because of their chemical resistance properties, are also useful for storage tank and other equipment paint jobs where there is direct contact with oil or gas products. 

To find out more about coating maintenance for your oil/gas facility and equipment, contact Cor-Ray Painting Co. Cor-Ray is an experienced industrial painting contractor in California based out of the greater Los Angeles area. We offer oil and gas industry coating and painting services, and are fully equipped for all needed surface preparation methods. For a quote, click the link above or call (562) 906-9770.

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