The Advantages of Slurry Blasting

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Surface preparation is one of the most important elements in industrial painting, since it essentially gives the paint or coating its proper foundation, and eliminates whatever problems existed with the surface, such as rust, lead, or chipping paint. Improper surface preparation is perhaps the primary cause of paint and coating failure. Imagine trying to put tape on a patch of dirt—it just wouldn’t stick.

One effective method for surface preparation in industrial painting is slurry or wet blasting. In a sense it is simply a combination of two other common methods: dry abrasive (sand) blasting, and water blasting. In some situations you need more abrasion than pressurized water alone can deliver, but you don’t want to worry about containing or cleaning up the dust blowing around either. Enter slurry blasting: it utilizes a mixture of sand and water to prepare surfaces in both a powerful and clean way. It is appropriate for painting jobs ranging from concrete floors to factory equipment, wherever you need the following advantages:


  • Less clean up: not having to take the extra step of cleaning dust off of the surfaces can save money and time. The water in the slurry prevents clinging dust, and keeps the particles from embedding into the surface.


  • Safe / Environmentally friendly: the absence of potentially harmful dusts in the air means less of a hazard for workers and the surrounding environment.


  • Fast and powerful: slurries are much more abrasive than water alone, and can even be just as efficient at removing layers as dry blasting, so there’s not necessarily a trade off when it comes to getting painting jobs done quickly.


  • Controlled: wet abrasive blasting is less likely to overly damage surfaces than dry blasting, since the water cushions the media somewhat. This is especially helpful in circumstances where too much blasting could pose a problem, such as for thin materials.


Some examples of where a painting contractor might use the slurry blasting method include concrete floors, tanks or other vessels, and sensitive equipment or machinery, to name a few. For more information about slurry blasting, or to find out what surface preparation method would be best for your project in Southern California, contact Cor-Ray Painting Company at (562) 906-9770. Cor-Ray is an industrial painting contractor in the L.A. area equipped for and experienced with several surface preparation methods, including dry ice, water, vacuum, and both dry and wet abrasive blasting. Give them a call or request a quote today.

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