The Importance of Proper Pipeline Coatings in Southern California

Thursday, January 30, 2014

When you hear about pipelines in the news, it is often about concerns over leakage. The main factor in guarding against the corrosion which leads to leakage, and the financial and environmental damage that entails, are pipeline coatings.

Oil, gas, chemical and water pipelines are often coated as part of the manufacturing process. However, industrial coatings applied in the field by painters are usually still necessary, if not instead of factory coatings, then for welds and minor damage from transportation and installation. Needless to say, it is highly important to ensure your pipeline is coated properly in the field.

Perhaps the most important step is surface preparation, which determines the durability of the coating. Be sure the painting contractor you hire is equipped with proper blast media and is able to implement surface preparation (SP) to industry standards. For example, a water/sand slurry may be appropriate for buried pipelines, or, for exposed pipeline welds, the exterior may be blasted to SP-6 while the interior is blasted to SP-10. The painters you go to should be knowledgeable in correct preparations for your pipeline.

There is a wide array of metal paint and other industrial coatings suitable for pipelines, depending on what the pipeline is transmitting, and whether it is above or below ground. Water pipeline welds such as on the Tule Flume have been properly coated with epoxy and a polyurethane finish. Epoxy is also well-suited where chemical resistance is necessary. A good industrial painting contractor can help you determine the appropriate coatings, whether you have an oil, gas, chemical, or water pipeline.

If you have pipelines that are being installed or need to be repaired in Southern California, Cor-Ray Painting Co. is a first rate resource for meeting your coating needs. Cor-Ray is an industrial painting contractor based in the Santa Fe Springs/Norwalk/Pico Rivera area. They are experienced in working with oil/gas and utility industries, fully equipped for surface preparation methods, metal paint and coating applications, and are certified by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers. For more information on coating your pipeline, call Cor-Ray at (562) 906-9770.

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