VOCs and Industrial Coatings in California

Saturday, August 30, 2014

VOCs are a significant factor for industrial painting, especially in southern California. The VOCs or “volatile organic compounds” in coatings are the liquids that evaporate as paint dries and become pollutants and irritants. VOC emissions also come from many other sources such as vehicles and consumer products. New painting and coating jobs can contribute to this if the materials contain VOCs, which is why they are regulated.

The amounts of VOCs allowed in different kinds of coatings are regulated by the EPA across the country, but in the densely populated areas in Southern California the rules can be even stricter. The South Coast Air Quality Management District, for instance, which is the agency that controls air pollution in Orange County and parts of L.A., San Bernardino and Riverside counties, has introduced several tighter VOC regulations in recent years.

The limits depend on what sort of paint or coating you’re talking about and where you are. Take, for instance, floor paint. The EPA has limited floor paint VOCs to 400 grams per liter, but in San Diego the limit is 250 g/l, and the for South Coast only 50 g/l. For rust preventative coatings, on the other hand, places like San Diego, Santa Barbara and San Louis Obispo share the U.S. limit of 400 g/l, while Ventura reduces that to 250 g/l and the South Coast (L.A., Orange County, etc) to 100 g/l. As you can see from this chart from California’s Air Resources Board, painting and coating VOC limits can vary quite a bit.

Fortunately for those who need painting done for industrial structures and components, the rules are typically for the paint manufacturers and sellers to comply with, though local regulations do also affect the qualifications for LEED green building certification. Working with a professional licensed painting contractor in California means you will not have to worry about VOC compliance for your industrial painting projects.

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