Warehouse Painting in Southern California

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Southern California is seeing a rising demand for warehouse buildings. Distribution centers, shipping and receiving facilities and logistics centers are a big part of our region’s industries, especially in the Inland Empire and other areas around L.A. If your company has new warehouses or needs to maintain existing facilities, you may be considering painting and coating options. It is helpful to understand what the warehouse painting and coating process might be like and what you can expect from your industrial painting contractor.

Coating and painting services you may need for your warehouses include:

  • Floor coatings - Concrete floors in warehouses should be sealed and protected with durable materials like epoxy floor coatings that can withstand heavy traffic. 
  • Safety and line striping - With all the traffic from forklifts, vehicles and workers, striping is essential for safety and organized efficiency.
  • Fireproofing - Distribution and logistics centers may need fireproofing from intumescent or cementitious coatings, whether to meet code or protect employees and investments.
  • Metal siding painting - Whether for energy efficiency, corrosion protection,  or all of the above, the metal siding or other exterior surfaces on your warehouses may need updated painting.
  • Roof coatings - Warehouse roof coatings can yield tremendous energy savings in Southern California, and are generally far less costly or disruptive than conventional roofing projects.

Whether your warehouse facility is in the full swing of shipping and receiving activities, is still under construction or getting ready to be leased, you may be concerned about losing time during painting and coating projects. The good news is that the right industrial painting contractor can complete your project with minimal interruption to your productivity. 

At Cor-Ray Painting we work according to your your scheduling needs and operations to allow optimal efficiency for both facility operations and painting project completion. If you need warehouse painting or other industrial painting services, contact Cor-Ray Painting in Santa Fe Springs for an estimate.

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