Water Proofing Southern California Industrial Facilities

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Painting jobs can serve many purposes, from giving facilities an updated and professional appearance to preventing the inside of a pipe from corroding. For Southern California’s industrial structures, practical purposes usually need to take priority over aesthetic appeal. One of the most common purposes for industrial painting jobs, sometimes the sole purpose, is water proofing. 

What needs waterproofing
From roofs to floors, from pipes to tanks, waterproofing coatings are a crucial ingredient in most industrial facilities. It may be obvious why roofs need water proofing, as they preserve a building’s overall integrity against the weather. But it might be less obvious why, say, concrete surfaces need water proofing. Having a waterproofing coating such as epoxy applied to concrete floors or tanks, for example, prevents damage from moisture that would otherwise seep into cracks and pores, causing crumbling. Other places where water proofing may be necessary include cove bases, stucco siding or potentially wherever moisture comes into contact with industrial structures and equipment.

What industrial painting contractors can do
The major kind of water proofing service is simply to apply a special waterproofing coating as a sealant. Such services include concrete floor coatings, roof coatings or tank linings. In addition to waterproofing coatings, it is also often necessary to seal industrial structures against water by fixing any gaps or cracks. This includes repairing or replacing damaged surfaces, using caulking or other sealants according to the situation, or applying an epoxy in pipeline seams or a floor’s cove base, for example. These types of services often must be done before a general waterproofing coating is applied.

You don’t have to be in a wet climate to take advantage of water proofing services. Even in such cities as L.A. or San Diego, industrial facilities need to be protected from the weather or from liquids used in the facility. To waterproof your structure or equipment in Southern California, whether it be a concrete floor or a roof, call the experienced professionals at Cor-Ray Painting at (562) 906-9770, or click here to contact us.

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