What Are Ablative Coatings?

Friday, May 02, 2014

While many industrial fires are caused by internal accidents unrelated to outside conditions, the notorious California fire season does increase the risk of structure fires. With summer weather already upon us, there are a number of options out there for protecting Southern California industrial structures from fire. You can look at our earlier articles to learn about cementitious and intumescent fireproofing coatings, but read on to learn about another fire protection painting service: ablative coatings.

How do ablative coatings work?
“Ablative” literally means “carried away,” which refers to the fact that ablative coatings are sacrificial—they absorb the energy of a fire to protect what is underneath, buying valuable time. They work by consuming heat energy from a fire, releasing it in the form of gases as they char to form an insulation. Basically, ablative coatings burn instead of the items they are protecting, but they are designed to take an exceptionally long time to burn so that there is ample time to evacuate people and put out a fire. They do this while keeping the surface they cover relatively cool, potentially saving your investments.

Where are ablative coatings used?
If you’ve heard of ablative coatings before, you may have heard of their use in aerospace and defense industries. Ablative coatings are used on spacecraft to protect astronauts from heat during reentry, as well as on missiles and rockets. The particular ablative coatings a painting contractor uses for your building are not much different. An ablative coating typically must be applied at about 1mm thickness, and forms an excellent passive fire protection option for a range of industries, especially oil/gas and power. Some common applications include electrical cables, oil or gas pipes, and other locations at risk for extremely high temperature fires.

Ablative fire-protection coatings can be applied by a qualified coatings contractor in California. As a certified and licensed industrial coating and painting contractor in California, Cor-Ray Painting Co. offers a full range of fire protection and excellent painting service in California. For your projects in Southern California locations anywhere from Chatsworth to Brea to San Bernardino to San Diego, as well as projects throughout the state, contact Cor-Ray Painting Co.

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