What Are Non Skid Coatings?

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Many industrial facilities need non skid (or non-slip, anti-slip, anti-skid, etc) flooring for safety. However, besides being slip resistant, your floor coating likely has to serve other purposes, such as being easy to clean, glossy or of a certain color, for instance. It might be helpful to better understand what exactly non skid floor coatings are and how they work in order to know which coatings are a good all around match for your facility.

Most non skid floor paint works by making the concrete floor bumpier. While coating floor surfaces with epoxy or polyurethane coatings can make them somewhat grippy, there are special non skid coatings for where high levels of traction are needed. Mainly the bumpy effect of these coatings is achieved by the use of small particles in the coating, though some get the bumps through a thick product that forms a nappy texture as it is rolled on.

These bumps can form a finer sandy texture, a ribbed but rubbery texture or a very rough and ridged texture. Depending on whether you simply need an extremely grippy area of concrete floor or are also concerned about reflectiveness, smoothness to touch or cleanability, you can select from a range of textured floor coatings. The non skid additives can be aluminum particles, glass particles, sand, ground rubber and a number of others. These are usually suspended in resins like of epoxy, polyurethane or alkyd.

One common method is to put down an epoxy floor paint undercoat, broadcast quartz granules, then cover those with a glossy topcoat, which leaves the grip from the particles without totally sacrificing the smooth glossiness of an epoxy floor. Another option is coating floor surfaces with a thin clear non skid coating that will hardly change the appearance of your floor, as it uses a very small, clear aggregate to provide grip.

For more help with the process of selecting non skid concrete floor coatings for your facility, contact Cor-Ray Painting Company. We are a full service industrial painting company based in Santa Fe Springs, CA, and offer quality and experience to your floor coating or other industrial painting projects throughout the L.A. and Southern California area. Call us at (562) 906-9770 or click the link above.

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