What NACE Inspection Means for Your Paint Job

Monday, June 16, 2014

As a quality industrial painting contractor in California, Cor-Ray’ safety and quality assurance program includes NACE certified coating inspectors. NACE inspection is a feature of the best coating and painting companies, and ensures all of our work is sound and will protect your structure or equipment from corrosion for many years to come.

What is NACE?
NACE (originally the National Association of Corrosion Engineers) is an international society for corrosion control. They are recognized as the authority on corrosion control and have 33,000 members in 116 countries with offices from Saudi Arabia to San Diego. It whas been around for more than 70 years since being founded by pipeline engineers, but it now focuses on a range of areas connected with corrosion control, not least of which are industrial painting companies like Cor-Ray. They provide publications, conferences and training courses, including the world’s most recognized coating inspector certification program.

What’s Involved in NACE Coating Inspection?
Certified inspectors perform a large number of detailed tasks. For example, they will review the exact specifications for your particular industrial painting project and the particular coatings applied. One of the main areas our inspectors will focus on is surface preparation because that is the key factor in the longevity and successful corrosion protection of coatings. Inspectors examine and measure substrates to make sure the surface preparation has left the correct surface profile and cleanliness for that coating’s adhesion. They also evaluate our application and the performance of the coating system in regards to corrosion prevention, and ensure our work meets or exceeds all standards for corrosion control.

Cor-Ray Painting Co. is a licensed and certified contractor in California equipped to provide the best in painting and coating solutions for your industry. Based in Santa Fe Springs in the Gateway Cities of L.A., Cor-Ray offers painting services throughout Southern California and statewide. You can click here for an estimate or call us at (562) 906-9770.

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