What You Need to Know About Paint Job Surface Preparation

Thursday, May 08, 2014

When it comes to having your industrial property painted in California, we cannot stress the importance of proper surface preparation enough. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is the most important factor in painting and coating longevity. Nearly all failures in metal coating, for instance, are the direct result of poor surface preparation. When surface preparation is not done well, the life of the coating is dramatically shortened by defects like peeling, chipping, bubbling, etc.

The reasons surface preparation is so crucial to the success of your paint job have to do with the need for a good substrate, or foundation. If paint is applied over deteriorated old paint, oil, corrosion, dust, loose particles or other surface contaminants, it will not bind to the surface well. It is similar to the way dough will not stick to a greased pan or a floured countertop, only with paint you want the opposite effect.

Surface preparation involves the removal of these surface contaminants to provide a clean solid surface for the desired coating. The degree to which surfaces must be prepared varies, depending on the material, its condition and the environment it will be exposed to. Surface preparation levels are rated from SP-1 (wiping down with solvents) to SP-10 (blasted 95% free of any residue). Working with NACE inspected painters will help ensure your surfaces are prepared to the right SP level.

There are several techniques and blast media that may be used to prepare your building or equipment surfaces for industrial painting and coatings. These include not only the familiar water or sand blasting but also dry ice, slurry and vacuum blast. When hiring a painting company, be sure they are outfitted with all the appropriate equipment and expertise for different blast media. 

At Cor-Ray Painting Company, we use the most effective surface preparation methods and ensure that surfaces are blasted to the proper extent. Based in Santa Fe Springs in Los Angeles’ Gateway Cities, Cor-Ray’s painters provide high-quality industrial painting services from Long Beach to Commerce, CA, as well as throughout SoCal and beyond. Click here to get an estimate for your paint job, or call us at (562) 906-9770.

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