Which Pressure Blasting Method is Right for My Job?

Monday, December 01, 2014

The first step in many contracting jobs is surface preparation. When it comes to surface preparation, there are several different methods to choose from. Cor-Ray is a skilled contractor in California that specializes in many different painting and blasting techniques, and will work with you to find the best one for your job.

Dry Abrasive Blasting

Dry Abrasive Blasting is a tried and true method. This approach utilizes 8 ton bulk blast pots to minimize down time while maximizing production, and is the most common technique in the industry.

Sand/Water Slurry Blasting

Sand/Water Slurry Blasting is an environmentally friendly option that can be used in place of Dry Abrasive Blasting. By eliminating the dust of Dry Abrasive Blasting, Sand/Water Slurry Blasting reduces clean up costs and eliminates the need for containment.

Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting is a pressure blasting method using dry ice pellets as the blast medium. This approach is perfect for the food processing industry, sensitive equipment, or for eliminating graffiti, and leaves nearly no residuals.

Vacuum Blasting

Vacuum Basting is used to remove hazardous materials from your site. This approach is best applied to small, sensitive environments.

Hot and Cold Water Blasting

Hot and Cold Water Blasting removes a wide variety of chemicals and contaminants from concrete and steel structures. This method is great for cleaning and removing rust, previous coatings, dirt, or other harmful materials from your concrete and steel structures.

Cor-Ray is a contractor in California that specializes in a wide variety of painting and blasting techniques, such as the ones listed here. If you would like to call or email Cor-Ray for more information about your next industrial contracting job, use the contact form here today.

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