Who Needs Floor Coatings?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Floors, especially in industrial areas, have to thrive in many types of harsh conditions. You are concerned with the safety and durability of your floors and may be considering floor coatings. But who really needs them and what kind of advantages do they offer?
Floor coatings are perfect for businesses with heavy foot traffic, wet environments, extreme temperatures, contact with many chemicals and high impact loading areas. Accidents involving slips and falls in the workplace are very common and cause American industries millions in damages, litigation and lost work time each year. Non-slip coatings are a great way to protect your employees and your business from the inevitabilities of gravity.

There are various applications of floor coatings depending on need. If you are interested specifically in the benefits of epoxy coating, check out this previous blog post for more information . Here, we will review the features of urethane coatings and how epoxy and urethane can work in concert with one another.

Features of Urethane Coatings:

Urethane is a topical sealer that leaves a protective coating on various surfaces. It is heat and scratch resistant and leaves a clean, glossy finish. Urethane is also resistant to the negative effects of ultraviolet light, which can be a concern in commercial or industrial settings. Especially in slippery environments, it is essential to apply a non slip coating for employee safety and mobility. Non skid coatings are available for all kinds of floors without compromising your discerning taste. Restaurants use urethane coatings for a seamless moisture and heat-resistant finish. Laboratories and other industrial settings can benefit from its chemical resistance.

The Similarities and Differences of Epoxy and Urethane:

  • Both coatings are durable, non-slip and increase light reflectivity by 300%, which brightens the workplace and lowers bills. They also reduce replacement and maintenance expenses.
  • Epoxy primes and resurfaces the floor whereas urethane is typically utilized as a surface to coat the epoxy. Urethane is an especially useful topcoat and sealer for epoxy. Epoxy and urethane are frequently used together to seal any concrete floor or garage floor because they can add so much value to demanding areas. Combined, they can make a powerful difference in protection.

Floor coatings can benefit your business and give you the performance edge you need  in order to flourish. If you are looking for a contractor in California, Cor-Ray Painting Company provides all types of epoxy and urethane coating systems. Cor-Ray has accomplished many such projects including the fuel tanks at the Oakland International Airport. Call (562) 906-9770 or click for more information.

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