Why Should Southern California Industrial Painters be Licensed?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A licensed painting contractor sounds like a good idea to most consumers in the industrial field, but it may not be easy to explain what to look for and why licensure is so important. Listed are ways that licensed painters can give you confidence in the painting and coating experience.

  • If for some reason a dispute were to arise between you and the painting company, the state licensing board or agency has leverage over the contractor and can helpfully intervene. The licensing agency may suspend or revoke a contractor’s license if appropriate. With unlicensed painters, you have to deal with the problem yourself.
  • Licensed contractors must have liability and workers’ compensation insurance. If you were to file a claim against the contractor for poor work, property damage or another issue, you would be protected. If a worker became injured on the job, you would not be accountable for this. Without coverage, these issues fall solely on your business.
  • The painting company should also be registered with the Registrar of Contractors, which can discipline disreputable contractors. You can investigate whether the contractor has any complaints on file by going to the California Registrar of Contractors.
  • Painting contractors may hire subcontractors for painting and coating jobs. Licensed subcontractors create another layer of protection for you.  Ask if your contractor’s insurance covers any subcontractors as well.

Next week, we will review why painters should be certified.

Cor-Ray Painting Company is a licensed and certified industrial painting company with experience in all kinds of services in the Central and Southern California area, from epoxy coatings to lead abatement. For more information about their trustworthiness, please call (562) 906-9770 or read more about Cor-Ray.

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