Lead Abatement

Lead based paint coatings provided superior corrosion resistance until 1978 when the federal government determined that lead was a health risk and legislatively dictated that lead be removed from all paints. Obviously that leaves countless steel structures, tanks, pipelines, power generating stations, refineries, just to name a few, with hazardous, lead based paints that require remediation.

Over the last 25 years, Cor-Ray Painting Co. has safely and effectively abated lead and other hazardous materials from a multitude of structures and environments. We strive to diligently abate hazardous materials from job sites in a safe and professional manner. 

In addition to our standard safety training, all our lead abatement employees receive extensive training in lead awareness and hazardous waste disposal. Each job is supervised by a certified “Lead Competent Person”, SSPC C5, Supervisor/Competent Person Training for De-leading Industrial Structures  

Feel free to contact Cor-Ray Painting Co. if you would like further information on lead abatement or if you would like to request an estimate.