Ablative Coatings

Cementitious and Intumescent systems are the cornerstones for passive fire protection for both commercial and industrial arenas. CRPC embraces the life saving capabilities of these coatings as demonstrated by our dedication to each project. CRPC works closely with our suppliers and specifying engineers to meet or exceed all federal, state or local codes, as we serve the Southern California area.


Intumescent coatings are predominately used areas where aesthetically pleasing fireproofing systems are required. These coating systems provide fire protection by swelling up to 50 times their original coating thickness to provide a protective thermal barrier.

Some of the benefits to intumescent coatings are:

Applied in a similar fashion as standard coatings to provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance

Lightweight and easily applied to existing structures

Intumescent systems are ideal for both commercial and industrial applications. While there are two different standards for commercial, IBC Codes, and industrial, Insurer’s Requirements – Factory Mutual and Industrial Risk Insurers, intumescent systems, Cor-Ray Painting Co. has the knowledge and experience to provide you with a successful coating application.


Cementitious fireproofing is a flame retardant spray primarily used on hidden structural steel members to facilitate safe egress during a fire. Fireproofing materials come in a variety of density and can be applied in thicknesses to meet a 4 hour fire rating.

  • Benefits of Cementitious Coatings
  • Easily applied by spray or trowel
  • Lightweight – one-third the weight of concrete for equal fire protection
  • Excellent physical properties – hard & durable
  • Cost effective