Cor-Ray Painting Co. owns and operates twin wire, arc spray metalizing systems, capable of high production, field application of TSA (thermal sprayed aluminum), TSZ (thermal sprayed zinc), or their alloys. The use of metal coatings for corrosion protection is experiencing increasing growth, as owners are recognizing that it is the most cost-effective means of providing long-term corrosion protection. Major growth industries for metalizing include oil and gas transmission and process facilities, wind towers, water and wastewater storage, transmission and treatment facilities, and a wide variety of military, aerospace, public and private applications. Recently, Cor-Ray Painting Co. completed the application of metalizing application to a variety of structures including;

  • Reading Room Dome, Main Library, San Diego, Ca.
  • Angels Gate Lighthouse, Cabrillo Beach Breakwater, Los Angeles Harbor, San Pedro, Ca.
  • Colorado River Aqueduct Regulating Gates, Hemet and San Jacinto, Ca.
  • California Aqueduct Regulating Gates, Pearblossom, Ca.
  • Launch Complex Infrastructure, Kennedy Space Center, Fl.

We loo forward to discussing how the process metalizing and protective metal coating can help your facility soon.

Plural Component

Plural component coatings are an ideal solution for any coating job that cannot be met through traditional coating systems. Plural components coatings are a unique 2 part, high solids coating. These two part coatings are labeled Component (A): Resin or Base and Component (B): Co-reactant or Curing Agent. The 2 components are mixed in various ratios and rapidly cure through chemical crosslinking. This crosslinking allows these epoxy, polyuethane and polyureas coatings to cure anywhere from seconds to several hours depending on the product being applied. While this might be very beneficial to the customer, specialized application pumps, increased focus and attention to detail are critical. Fortunately Cor-Ray Painting Co. has the necessary industrial painting and coating equipment as well as the extensively trained personnel to apply these coating in a wide range of fields.

There are three main types of plural component coatings:

  • Epoxies
  • Polyurethane
  • Polyureas


You’ve probably heard of ‘LINE-X’ ™, used in spraying on cars and trucks and often sprayed as a bed liner. However there are a variety of industries that use Polyurea. Some of the benefits include: preventing corrosion, resist abrasion, prevent impact damage and provide a reliable waterproof lining to tanks, pipes, roofs, etc